Private Marina in hotel trapani



"The flagship of our services "

Our marina for pleasure boats is the flagship among  the services designed for all those that, in the holiday, seek the pleasure of living the sea with freedom. The marina of the Tirreno Hotel can accommodate  in berth 30 yachts and offers services of call and hauling, water intakes, and current and experienced staff for assistance to boaters.

The draft goes from 1.5 MT (inside dock) to 2.5 meters (external dock).

The location of this private marina is the ideal starting point for diving, boat hire and boat trips to the Egadi Islands: Favignana, the closest, that alternates between high rocky shores, sandy areas and crystal clear waters and Levanzo known for the impressive cliffs and caves, including the "Del Genovese," which still retain the graffiti of the distant Neolithic.